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Green Community Projects

NPH transforms visions for green community development into actionable plans by combining expertise in forestry and landscaping with community planning. We offer a full spectrum of master planning services from visioning and strategic planning to design development. Our master planning projects require a multi-disciplinary approach involving the assessment of short and long-term needs, economic and market analysis, the evalsuation of feasibility and strategies, design plans and project management. Collaborating closely with clients, we devise sustainable solutions to address the specific conditions of a site, city or region, in balance with the aspirations of the communities who use them. A green community is designed and planned to make the neighborhood more livable and enrich the quality of life by ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for all community members to live, work and play.

In response to the hectic pace of city life as a result of rapid urbanization, we explore innovative forest services, such as ecotourism and eco-rehabilitation, in our green community projects. We shape the suburban or rural space into an oasis of green recreational opportunities for urban dwellers to take a break from the rush of daily lives. By doing so, we hope to encourage an increasingly supportive and interconnected, rather than mutually exclusive, relationship between urban and rural land uses.