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Ecological Restoration

China’s environmental crisis is one of the most pressing challenges to emerge from the country’s rapid economic rise in the past decades. At the same time, China’s mounting environmental degradation is endangering the pace of its economic growth. The Chinese government and its people are well aware of the need and importance of environmental protection, thus exploring a clear direction and path for environmental restoration.

As a core part of its ecological restoration operation, NPH offers scientific and systematic solutions and action plans for the regeneration of environmentally degraded areas in China and overseas. In establishing a sustainable model of ecological restoration, we select only locally suitable plant species for afforestation and reforestation in efforts to combat desertification.

NPH plans to kick off its ecological restoration operation in Inner Mongolia. By formulating customized solutions, we hope to gradually increase the greening area and mitigate the challenge of desertification for the region, which is a major ecological security barrier in northern China.