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Scientific Forest Management

NPH has been committed to sustainable forest management since its establishment. Our intelligent and comprehensive approach to utilizing forest resources helps satisfy massive demands for timber from the Chinese market while maintaining environmental balance and assisting the development of village economies. We devote great efforts to creating the harmony between man and nature, and between economic growth and the environment. We also promote knowledge exchange and technical cooperation for sustainable development.

NPH recognizes the importance of technology and innovation to the forest industry. We have a R&D institution and a forest technology company in Guangdong Province, as well as a team of experts assigned to various subsidiary companies to carry out research projects. A market research team is designated to analyze Chinese and global forestry dynamics from political, economic, environmental and social perspectives.

NPH has its own team of forest technology experts responsible for the analysis and formulation of its forest management system and relevant guidelines, which aim to shorten rotation periods, increase yields and optimizing the effectiveness in utilizing fast-growing timber resources, starting from the early stage of seed species selection.

Enjoying resource and technological advantages, NPH strives for enhancing timber yields and utilization through improved plantation practice and genetic engineering. We have established tree seedling nurseries of various species and keep looking for ways to improve seedling quality further by devising innovative solutions for protecting plants against fire, cold weather, pests and associated diseases.

Our Forest Management Establishments