A Member of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited

  • Scientific Forestry

    At the forefront of Chinese sustainable forestry, NPH is passionate about exploring new scientific and technological knowledge through research and development. We initiate various research projects in the fields of biotechnology, forest management, fertilizer development and full-tree utilization covering every stage of the traditional industry from inputs, yields to applications. By converting scientific research into productivity, we aim to enhance the yields and biodiversity in forests as well as maximizing the utilization rates of timber resources.

    NPH is committed to introducing internationally-recognized precision plantation practice to China, thus contributing to the upgrading and transformation of this traditional sector.

  • Full-tree Utilization

    NPH endeavors to maximize the utilization of whole forest ecosystems by delivering multiple forest goods and services such as scientific forest management, agri-herbal-forestry, green community projects, and wood processing (engineered Veneer, engineered Wood and customized home furnishings).

    NPH also strives to achieve full use of trees in terms of utilization rates and usages in our wood processing plants. Large- and small-diameter logs, as well as wood residues, are thoroughly utilized to minimize wastage. Meanwhile, we develop high value-added timber products in addition to traditional uses.

    Advanced technologies enable NPH to expand its utilization of wood resources from traditional logs and sawn timber to veneers and particleboards and to a range of high value-added products including engineered veneer, engineered wood and home furnishings. We have now evolved into a big family of wood-based products characterized by a diversified mix.

  • Adaptation to Environment

    Before implementing forest management, agri-herbal-forestry, ecological restoration or urban ecology projects, NPH devotes considerable manpower, material and financial resources to conducting detailed analyses of local conditions, including soil and water, climate, altitude and biodiversity. We select locally suitable plant species and formulate forest management plans which are human- and environmentally-friendly.