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Values, Vision and Mission

The Birth of New Plantations

China’s continued rapid economic development has greatly amplified its demand for wood products, thus accelerating the over-exploitation of natural forests and speeding up the environmental crisis by soil erosion and desertification. Facing the shortage of forest resources, the industry has largely engaged in unsophisticated wood processing activities rather than extending to further downstream along the value chain by producing high-value, high-tech products. The acute inefficiency in the use of wood resources intensifies the unmet demand. While the supply-demand imbalance continues, the Chinese citizens begin to desire a better quality of life.

As a knowledge-driven global green resources and green community developer, NPH was established with the purpose of offering intelligent solutions to China’s timber supply-demand challenge and enhancing the quality of life for the people. The formation of NPH was based on the values in sustainable development derived from the essence of two hexagrams“Ch’ien and K’un (Heaven and Earth)” delineated in the I-Ching, one of the Chinese Classics. Our corporate philosophy of “Trees for life, wood for living. Nurture nature for our future.” is firmly rooted in the I-Ching.