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Group Overview

New Plantations Holdings Limited (“NPH”), is a knowledge-driven global green resources and green community developer headquartered in Hong Kong. Dedicated to an integrated and comprehensive approach in nurturing and utilizing forest resources, NPH offers total business and technical solutions which align benefits to our clients, our shareholders, local communities and the environment.

Staying in the forefront of research and development in forest management and timber products, NPH specializes in diversified green resources businesses covering scientific forest management, urban-forest-economy, ecological restoration, urban ecology, engineered veneer, engineered wood and customized home furnishing solutions. In addition, we are exploring other business opportunities to develop innovative forestry products and services, such as ecotourism, eco-rehabilitation and bioenergy. We are one of the few vertically integrated companies in China which engage in the entire value chain from upstream to downstream forestry operations.

As a pioneer of privately managed commercial plantations in China, NPH adheres to sustainable forestry development. We operate plantations of mainly eucalyptus, pine, fur and birch in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Hunan provinces. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Chinese government has shown more concern about forestry and ecological development and subsequently banned commercial logging in all natural forests in key forest zones, thus calling increasing attention to the importance of plantation development. To satisfy the growing appetite of the Chinese wood market, we keep searching for suitable sites for sustainable plantations while taking careful consideration of ecological conservation, local employment and regional development.

We have achieved remarkable results in our Chinese construction projects by establishing excellent business relations with various prestigious property developers such as New World China Land, Vanke Property, China Poly Group, Gemdale Corporation and China Merchant Property.